The most difficult part of learning to dance is getting started! Once you take the first step and learn some basics, you'll be able to accompany a partner onto the dance floor with confidence. Got two left feet? Don't worry! You'll quickly learn the basic essentials which will help you to get out on the dance floor and have fun. Don't be self-conscious; learning is what it's all about!


We offer an inexpensive way to discover your own dance intentions. The Sample Lesson will allow you to see what it takes to become the type of dancer you want to be. Just call to schedule your first lesson for only $20!


Taking a private lesson means that an instructor is teaching one student or couple at a time. You will work at your own pace and learn the style or styles of dancing you prefer. Private lessons are available by appointment Monday through Friday and with advance notice on Saturday if scheduling permits.


In group lessons the emphasis is on learning a predetermined variety of dances. Group lessons provide an opportunity to dance with different partners, an important part of becoming a good dancer. No partner is ever necessary, both couples and singles are welcome.​

Group Classes

Swing it! -- Monday at 8:00 pm-9:00 pm
It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing! Jitterbug, Jive, Lindy Hop and Shag...they all start with the basics of East Coast and West Coast Swing. So come join us and learn all the steps, turns and spins that will make you jump, jive and wail. Singles and couples welcome. No partner necessary. $10 each class

​LATIN LATIN LATIN -- Tuesday 8:00pm-9:00pm
Whether it's the sexy bravado of the ​Salsa, the sultry romance of the ​Rumba, or just the sheer fun of the ​Merengue, come feel the heat as you learn to unleash your inner Latin flavor. Learn how to really spice up the dance floor with the latest and hottest moves from New York, Miami, L.A. and everywhere Latin. Singles and Couples welcome. No Partner Necessary. ​$10

Country Wednesday 8:00pm-9:00pm
Callin' all you cowboys, cowgirls and those who wish to be! Learn everything you wanted to know about kickin' up some sawdust and trailblazing around the dance floor like a like a pro. Gain all the confidence you need as you tackle the basic steps, spins and turns of the Two Step, Waltz and Polka. Singles and couples welcome. No Partner Necessary. $10

Ballroom Thursday 8:00 pm-9:00pm
Ballroom dancers! This is your chance to learn Tango, Waltz, Fox Trot, Quickstep! Enjoy all the oldies and the newer beautiful music and the dances that go with them. Singles and couples welcome. No partner necessary. $10 each

We teach in a very relaxed social setting. Singles and couples are always welcome. No partner is ever necessary. Need a bit of liquid courage? Feel free to BYOB.

Practice Party Sessions

Every Friday night we turn down the lights, turn up the music and give you the chance to practice everything you've learned in the group classes and private lessons. Show off your latest moves as you dance with other students who are learning just like you. Not too sure of your feet yet? Don't worry, our professional staff is always there to dance with you and give you the confidence you need to be a fun social dancer! Complimentary snacks and setups provided. BYOB.Fridays 8:00pm-10:00pm $10