Why dance?

With the recent popularity of shows such as Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, thousands of people across the country and even the world are exploring the world of ballroom dance. Starlight Dance Studio is here to help you feel comfortable and confident on a dance floor. Everyone who dances well today started at the beginning.

Relax, at Starlight Dance Studio learning will be easy, comfortable and thrilling every step and figure along the way! You'll never feel overwhelmed or intimidated, and within a few weeks you will have learned your way around the dance floor. Whether you have a partner or not, with some practice you'll learn and master any dance in no time at all. Then you'll be dancing the night away!

Starlight Dance Studio offers expert dance instruction in a variety of styles including Social Ballroom, Latin, Country Western and Tejano. Instruction is available for beginner through advanced levels.

Starlight Dance Studio offers an ideal atmosphere in which to learn and a place to share your enjoyment of dancing with other social dancers. Instruction at the studio will provide you a lifetime of pleasure and put you on an excellent path toward social dancing.

Starlight Dance Studio teaches over 20 different dances in the Ballroom, Latin, Country and Tejano styles. We teach both social and competitive dancing, judge contests and have coached and trained other instructors and their students. Our credentials and reputation for integrity are your guarantee of a quality dance experience.

Starlight Dance Studio is a full service, all-inclusive social dance studio in the Crossroads area.